FlyingBit Password Generator

FlyingBit Password Generator

Easily create as many passwords as you need


  • Generate multiple passwords at once
  • Phonetic trancription
  • Apply different characteristics to your passwords


  • No option to use customized words


Generating new password every time I subscribe to an online service is not that easy anymore. I've finished my complete repertoire and I'm not going to start using the same password for everything, so I've decided to grab hold of Flyingbit Password Generator.

This simple program can create all the passwords you need in just one click, according to the options you select on its interface. You can choose between upper case, lower case or a mixture of both, have also number beside letters and also set the number of characters. Shame it doesn't feature the option to include user selected words to make them even easier to remember.

Flyingbit Password Generator displays a "phonetic" transcription of each generated password in order to help you memorize it (though we strongly recommend using a password manager instead). You can then save the whole list to a TXT file and use wherever you need them.

With Flyingbit Password Generator you can create passwords in a snap, though you still need a good memory to remember all of them.

If you need to create a password that meets all security requirements, use FlyingBit Password Generator. A lot of options and ease of use make it simply indispensable to system administrators and usual users. You just start the program, click just one button and get your password. The password you get is guaranteed to be strong and is easily remembered due to its phonetic representation.

FlyingBit Password Generator allows you to change the parameters of the result that you get. You completely control such important password characteristics as its length, repeated characters and their type. The default program settings meet all basic security requirements. Its small size and the possibility to work without installation will allow you to run the program from a removable device on any computer.

Main features:

  • Easy to use
  • Small size
  • Changing the password characteristics
  • Copying to the clipboard with one click
  • Filtering similar characters (l,1,I,o,0...)
  • Filtering repeated characters 5 items deep
  • Exclude dictionary filtering
  • Calculate entropy for each password

FlyingBit Password Generator


FlyingBit Password Generator

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